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Monday, May 11, 2015

Baler: More Than Just Surfing - The Mother Of All Falls

Our first morning in Baler was full of historically informative iterinaries. The afternoon tour get us all excited for we were going to trek to Baler's Mother Falls (Ditumabo Falls).

They call it Mother Falls because it is the grandest and tallest falls in the Aurora province. From Sabang, Ditumabo Falls is a 35 to 40 -minute tricycle ride. It is situated in the nearby municipality of San Luis.

The tourism office already made it easier for travelers to trek the falls. Bamboo bridges are placed to cross numerous rivers. Several "mini-falls" can also be seen along the 40-minute trekking.

It is a 140-feet falls. The water from the falls, which comes from the Sierra Madre mountain range, will make you scream for it is so cold. The basin of the falls is suitable for swimming for it is spacious and has waist to chest depth.

This is indeed a must visit for those who want experience Baler. You don't have to worry because this tour is also included in the Day Tour package which the tricycle drivers offer.

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